Continuous Sundays

Continuous Sea Line Drawing

Continuous Sea Print available here.

So what is Continuous Sunday’s? You place your pen on paper and then don’t lift it until the drawing is finished, forced to create lines where they don’t normally exist, a beautiful sketch that follows a path you can’t quite predict. It started with me and my friend Harriet (@harriet_lowther) finding fun ways to create art in a way that felt free and didn’t require perfection but just the joy of creation. This challenge of restriction allows one to create in an alternative way, a way that tells the story of how the pen has been led across the paper.

We started the project back in April of 2017 but we let it slip aside as other projects filled our sketchbooks. At the time it was wonderful to peruse the hashtag and see the contributions from other artists, the greatness of Instagram being shown in its ability to create mini communities around ideas (we also had eyes closed drawing Thursdays and left handed drawings Tuesdays!). We’re certainly not the creators of one line drawings, Picasso used to draw them of his sausage dog and I’m sure many artists have created them before and after him too.

So whilst picking grapes in Germany I met a new friend, Nora, and we made one line drawings together. I realised how much I had missed dedicating a part of my Sunday to my sketchbook to fill a page with one line, and I’d also of the inspiration from other artists every Sunday that flowed in. So here’s to starting it again, and it’s open to all kinds of creators, I’d loved to see it applied to other art forms. I once created one using a long photo exposure and a torch. I’m sure there are other beautiful adaptations of the idea too. So join me on Sundays and use the hashtag #continuousundays on instagram so I can see what you’ve created.


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Continuous Plant Print available here.

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