Quick and easy product photography for selling art prints.

Many times I’ve read that product photography is one of the most important aspects of successful selling online. When I first started selling prints of my work this felt like a big hurdle as I couldn’t afford to hire a photographer.

If you’re in the same situation, don’t worry, I’ve got two things to share that have helped me. One day I would still love to invest in having my work professionally photographed, but this is what has worked in the meantime.

A quick note that this post is focused on art prints because that’s mostly what I sell.

Firstly you will need a jpg of your art, and I imagine if you’re selling prints you will already have one, as this will be the file you use to create your prints. Either scan your work, or If your work is too big for a scanner, then you’ll need to photograph as best as you can a flat image which you can then crop to the correct size. This is easily done with your phone camera if that’s all you have to work with.

The beauty of a mock up.

At first I struggled with making mock ups work for me but there are two ways that I always use them now.

  1. The free app Voun. You can pay for a few more options, but it’s perfect for a clean and simple image of your work framed. Just have the jpg saved to your phone photos and drop it into the app. You can play around with background colours etc to suit your branding. I like a simple white background and a black or wooden frame. I just always make sure to turn off the ‘reflection’ which you do by clicking on the frame to bring up the setting toggles.

2. Buy a couple of mock ups. Search on google or Etsy for “frame mock ups” to find lots of different styles. My favourite shop for these is 7thFloorStudio and if you have a basic understanding of photoshop then these are easy to use and a good budget option.

A mock up of the teapot print.

So with a jpg of your work, a couple of Voun frames and one or two mock ups you’re well on your way to having a beautiful gallery of your work to show a potential buyer.

I do take a few extra photos sometimes using my phone camera. I find that a little editing in VSCO and a play around with styling can help a lot (hint: textured backgrounds are great, whether its a crumpled linen sheet or a wooden table). I also love close up shots to reveal beautiful textures or the way the line sits on the paper.

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