Sustainability is really important to me, and it’s difficult as a product based business to create an alignment with selling something when I’m actually trying to rebel against our over consumerist behaviours.
So I’ve spent many months (and continue to) seeking out the most sustainable way to keep making beautiful things. I’m compiling a list here so that either you as a customer can see the impact my products are having, or as a directory for any other creators who’d like to make a beautiful little impact.

This list will constantly grow and please do get in touch if you know of other ways I can help look after this lovely planet of ours. My main aim is to use items that could be reusable as the worst impact is things ending up in landfill.


  • Recycled Greyboard – I use this as backing to protect prints in the post and when stocked in shops, available here. I have started drawing on these so they are hopefully kept and framed or inspire reuse – perhaps something for a child to paint onto.
  • Recycled unbleached tissue paper. I get mine usually from eBay but it’s also available here.. I did start using recycled brown paper as I thought it would be more likely to be reused. I decided to go back to tissue paper because it’s lighter and therefore if it does end up in landfill it has less of an impact. And secondly, brown paper was just a bit of a paint to be honest, and by the time I’d wrapped the prints it was probably too crinkly for reuse.
  • Thank you notes are printed on paper made by Frogmore paper mill in the UK. The blue paper uses recycled denim that could have ended up in the landfill. I print an illustration on the other side so that hopefully it can be kept as a print, either framed or gifted.
  • Board Backed Envelopes. The best ones I’ve found are from here. They have A5 and A4 sizes and are made from 100% post consumer waste and you can select to offset your delivery carbon.
  • Glassine Envelopes. I use this to protect my prints in shop displays. I haven’t yet found ones that perfectly fit A4 paper though, so fix the larger sizes with a strip of washi tape. They are less transparent than cello. Available here.
  • Biodegradable Cello. Some people just prefer the clarity of cello, but I’ve read it’s not a great solution, but surely better than the proper plastic stuff. Available here.
  • Washi Tape. Made from paper instead of plastic, super cute for packaging things but not as strong as sellotape. I have my own designed 🙂 available here.
  • Gum Backed Paper Tape. I’ve not found I’ve needed this yet but if you use plastic brown packing tape and need something stronger than washi. Available here.
  • I’ve started making my own paper from misprints and old sketches. Keep your eyes peeled for a video on how to make your own paper coming soon (or google it – it’s actually quite easy).
  • For my printer I use HP instant ink where they post the ink cartridges when mine are running low, and they include a return package so you can send back your spent cartridges for them to recycle.

To be continued….